The lifeless food of nowadays

For millions of years, human food has been alive, full of beneficial microorganismsand some harmful as well. Today´s food, on the other hand, is perfectly clean,but also perfectly lifeless – due to chemical conservation, sterilization, pasteurization and cooking.As a result of this drawback, we suffer from impaired digestion, allergies and reduced immunity.That´s life. And there´s also a way to change this for the better – by introducing live microorganismsback to our daily diet and laying long lasting foundations of stronger immunity.

First 1000 days of new life

More important than you may think.

Right at the moment the two happy stripes pop out on your pregnancy test, your life changes completely – you becomea parent. And right at that moment, you embark on a journey of lifelong caring and constant questioning: what MORE canI do? Am I doing ENOUGH?

You have absolutely no reason to worry. You already know almost everything about a child´s nutrition and immunity. You may even know that the first 1,000 days of your baby´s life play a key role in his or her lifelong health. See? You are already doing GREAT! And by adding one more thing to your/your baby´s daily diet you will make sure you are doing even better.

More important than you may think.

Why Biopron?

What makes BIOPRON® stand out among probiotics is simple.
It’s trusted, it’s proven, it works.

With a full line of products, BIOPRON® is the #1 selling probiotic brand in CZ and is trusted to deliver
better digestive health, immune health and overall wellness to every member of the family.

BIOPRON is pharmacists 1st choice in probiotics category.*

*BIOPRON9 Premium just won award
„The first choice of pharmacists“ for 2019 – based on the survey organised by Health communication
(Educomm portal) at the beginning of the year 2019.
There were 659 respondents, 62 categories
(dermocosmetics, OTC, food supplements, open questions)
– the pharmacists had no list to pick from.