First 1000 days of new life

Help yours kids grow healthier!
It has been scientifically proven that nourishment in the first 1,000 days of a baby´s life is absolutely crucial for his or her health as an adult – and the clock starts as early as at the point of conception. It is thus the parents who can do a great deal influence their baby´s resistance against lifestyle diseases. Scary, right? But you can relax. Only from reading these pages, it is clear you care more than enough!

Did you know that our immunity is vastly dependant on the state of our intestinal microbiota – microbes living in our gut? If the normal balance of these microbes is disturbed, our immunity suffers, which can result in allergies and other autoimmune diseases. And we definitely don´t want this to happen to our children in the future. 

First 1000 days of new life
First 1000 days of new life

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

That is why it is more than important to teach children proper eating habits since the very beginning of their lives. And by adding a daily dose of probiotics – living bacteria – you will contribute even more to helping your baby build a strong immunity and a sound physical condition.  

The first 1,000 days count the most. And we are sure you are well aware of that.