Biopron Kids+ Food supplement

For children from 1 to 2 years of age

A satisfied belly is a must! And who else should know that than the greatest caring mum which you yourself undoubtedly are? So even though your kid is enjoying his or her second year now, with a few extra centimeters and a smile full of life, it would still be good to remember that he or she still needs a proper daily support of the immune system, and thus the overall health. This is especially important in the periods of time in which he or she starts to get in frequent touch with other children. Who would want to put up with frequent diarrhoea, cramps or flatulence?

Read more about first 1000 days of new life

Kids+ gives you:  

  • The overall wellbeing
  • Contribution to healthy and proper nutrition
  • The proper support of the immune system
  • Long-term support of gastrointestinal microbiota

Adding a bit of “life” to your kid´s daily diet is the most effective form of supporting his or her intestinal microbiota- along with vitamins B6 and C that altogether contribute  to the proper function of the immune system.

Just make sure you do your best to prevent future diseases and provide a healthy growth and development for your child. The first 1,000 days matter the most!

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