Biopron9 Premium Gluten-free food supplement

For adults and children older than 3 years

Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Absolute number 1 during and after a course of antibiotics!

Being the strongest one in the Biopron line, it will support and reliably restore your intestinal microbiota during and after a course of antibiotics. Even more, if you start consuming probiotics along with the prescribed antibiotics and continue at least a week after finishing the antibiotics course, you will prevent digestion problems more successfully.

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Biopron9 Premium gives you:

  • Well-balanced combination of 9 probiotic strains in the highest daily dose of 20 billions of CFU
  • Proper support of your  overall wellbeing and everyday proper care of intestinal microbiota  

This unique combination of probiotic cultures and prebiotic fructosaccharides will make you feel great again as soon as possible. 

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